Going for an Interview at a Hotel – Be Prepared


Going for an interview at a hotel? Along with dressing smart, you need to prepare for the questions your interviewer will ask. Here are some of the more common hote questions that you might be asked.
1. Why were you interested in this particular job?
This is normally the first interview question that you will be asked because the interviewer will want to know why you interested in this kind of work. The interviewer will be looking for candidates who are interested in doing the job functions and the interviewer is also looking to understand your long term career goals.
Have an answer prepared for this question because your answer to this question can show your interviewer you have a serious interest in the job.

2. What do you think the roles and responsibilities of this job are?
The interviewer is looking to see if you’ve read the job description properly and have an understanding of the job functions and not just applied because you were interested by the salary. Try and remember what the job functions are and be prepared to explain what your understanding is. It is also ok to ask a question about a specific function if you are not completely clear. This interaction between you and the interview will show that you are very interested in the job and are willing to learn.

3. Why do you want to work at this hotel?
This is a very important question. Hotels are very proud of their brand and your interviewer will want to know why you’ve expressed interest in working with specific hotel. You need to have prepared your answer to this question because it’s the question that can separate you from everyone else. Your answer has to be what you feel but can be about brand, size, location, number of properties, social influence ie you have heard great things about working there etc. There is not correct answer so say what you believe and feel.

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