How to prepare for a job interview

prepare job interview

1. Should be knowledge about the company profile.
– This let the company believe that you really want to work with them
2. Planning trip to work
– In addition to know the Company Profile, also need to know location base and route of travel from your home to this company because you have to know that you easy to work from this path or not.
3. Arrive before time to be better
– First of all, you should confirm date and time of interview appointment. Then, planning to travel which you should reach the company at least 15-30 minutes before.
4. Be Circumspect
– Every time you got a job interview, you have to prepare your reference profile document such as copy of identification card. If you need to fill in data on job application, should be careful to fill in the accurate and truthfully.
5. Look polite and well groomed .
– Even you know about the position and company that you have to interview, you should be dress appropriate to the task because good grooming make you look polite
6. Ready to answer questions.
– Interviews have already mentally prepared to answer questions that may be unforeseen. Calm and answer questions in an interview with confidence and clarity. Assertiveness and self-interest to make First Impression to the job interview.

You should end the interview by stressing that you are interested in a great position. And remember to ask for time to consider the results. Now you make your job interview is smooth and happy.

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