How to write a resume that captivates your employer


Making a good first impression on a potential employer is very important, and what better way to go about it than impressing them with a well written resume? Here are 5 tips for good resume writing.

1) Be Concise:  Some candidates misunderstand that they have to put every detail in their resume. In fact, you must make it clear and concise, highlighting only key information that would benefit yourself.

2) Use an Interesting Writing Style:  Writing style is considered highly important in constructing your resume. Use words that readers are able to understand instantly. The main point is to present your outstanding qualifications, achievements and aptitude. Do not make them ambiguous.

3) Know Your Audience: Before writing your resume, you should be clear with the job description. This information will help you modify your resume, and make it more interesting.

4) Distinguish Your Writing: If you simply described your skills and special abilities, your resume would not differ from others. You should also identify how your skills can be applied to the new job you are applying for.

5) Do Not Overlook the Appearance of Your Resume:  A resume creates the first impression for your prospective employers. You should not only pay attention to the wording, but also the layout and appearance of your resume. Besides from creating a striking resume on paper, you also need to start to build up your profile on job search websites, which is now likely to be the best way to find a job. Make your resume shine with help from R89 Jobs.


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